3 Reasons African Print Dresses for Kids Are Very Popular Today

Posted on 08 January 2017

Various African inspired designs have taken the fashion industry by storm time and again. However, a trend has been started with the use of African print fabrics by the leading fashion designers across the world. Also known as Ankara fabrics or Dutch wax, African prints have been wholeheartedly embraced by celebrities and the general public alike. Having begun their journey in West Africa, these exotic prints have made their presence felt in children’s clothing as well. From party dresses, skirts and pinafores to shirts and waist coats, they are omnipresent. So, why are African prints so special? Read on to find out the reasons…


Vibrant and Colourful

There will be hardly any print that is as vibrant and colourful as African prints.Rich colours and bold, tribal-like motifs are their hallmarks. Hence, the African print dresses for kids are perfect to match the cute and fun-loving nature of children. Your girl can easily relate her to the colourful world of Ankara fabric and relish its vibrancy to the fullest.


The African print can be incorporated into virtually any piece around the world. From clothes for men and women to kids’ apparel, it can appeal to any category of customers. Since the African prints come in 100% cotton, the clothes can be made in innumerable ways. They can be worn for formal and special occasions as a sumptuous dressing option as well as for regular outings.

Exclusive Dyeing Technique

The African or Ankara prints are created using an Indonesian wax-resist dyeing technique known as Batik. It involves making the fabric to resist the dye from reaching its whole area, thus creating amazing patterns. Interestingly, this type of clothing was originally made for the Indonesian market by the Dutch, but it found greater acceptance in West Africa and then spread to other parts of Africa and rest of the world as a top-quality fashion.

The African or Ankara print clothing is here to stay for a long time. Its popularity is constantly on the rise. Amintikids.co.uk is an exclusive children’s clothing store offering a selected range of high-quality African print kids apparel online. Their girls flared dresses and skirts can make your child the center of all attention in parties. So, experience unique online kids wear shopping by visiting the website today!


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